has been suffering from hacker attacks has been suffering from hacker attacks

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This morning was hacked and several articles had been replaced by hackers’ messages and images. In one of the articles there was a waving Kurdish flag. 

“I’m not sure why anyone would like to hack us, but we have had similar problems before, but never to this extent”, says Tindra Englund, web editor.

The messages read things like: ”From the Imam with Love” and ”Kurdish Hacker – FUCK ISIS”.  As soon as the editors saw the messages they removed them and put the normal texts back.

But when the article: ”CMES broke rules with IS-course” was published this afternoon the site was once again hacked.

“You never know, but I don’t think that this article is the reason for the attack”, says Tindra Englund.

All the articles are now back on the site and the web editor have been working to figure out a way to make the site more difficult to access.

“But after all we are just a student magazine, so it’s weird that people would think that it’s cool to be able to hack us” says web editor Tindra Englund.

The site and the WordPress system has now  been updated, and all the passwords have been changed. The editors hope that this will be enough to convince the hackers to leave alone.

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