Nazi Property Damage at Lund University Library

Nazi Property Damage at Lund University Library

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On Friday morning, property damage done by the Nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement was found on University buildings. A note hanging on the door said: “You are so stupid for believing the lie about the Holocaust.”

By: Linus Gisborn Translated by: Cecilia Eriksson

A spray painted staircase, and a message claiming that the University Library had been closed off. These things greeted the staff at the University Library when they arrived at work on Friday morning.

On the entrance door, the Nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement had also put up a note claiming the library was guilty of spreading lies about the Holocaust in connection to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27th January, 2017.

Some parts of the façade of the Centre for Languages and Literature have also been spray-painted with a picture of Adolf Hitler and a reference to a website.

“You can see how some of the buildings have been vandalized, especially in the southern region of the University grounds, namely the Paradisområdet. It’s all been documented and a report has been filed with the police”, says Per Gustafson, Head of Security at Lund University. To the best of his knowledge there hasn’t been any kind of threat against the University Library ahead of the Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Incitement to Racial Hatred

According to the Head of Security at Lund University the classification of the crime is incitement to racial hatred.


Lundagård has been unsuccessful in reaching the police for a comment.

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