Learn More About Swedish Culture Through These Movies

Learn More About Swedish Culture Through These Movies

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Presspicture from the movie: En man som heter Ove.

Two days ago, the oscars were fascinating the whole world again. The Swedish movie “En man som heter Ove” was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film. We went out for asking students in Lunds which movie they would recommend to international students to learn more about the Swedish culture.

Clara Kristiansen , 21 years old, swedish church youth organization

Smala Sussie
The movie is a comedy-crime and it shows how people are living in the northern countryside. It’s about people who lived there their entire life and are prejudice, a bit racist and political incorrect but in a funny and likeable way. My friends from Värmland were telling me that the movie is kind of reflecting the reality and that makes it special.



Axel Friberg, 22 years old, construction engineering

It’s a Swedish parodie of cop movies. The comedy is bringing the Swedish dry humour closer to the audience. The story is about cops who are living in a small Swedish village where no crimes are happening. Because of this, the police management wants to shut down the local police office. But the cops want to keep their jobs so they decide to make crimes by themselves…



Kerstin Nystedt, 22 years old, human-resource

En man som heter Ove
“Ove” is an angry, suburb old person who is a bit grabby and not always nice to young people. Actually, this can happen here sometimes but mostly, Swedish people are warm-hearted and even Ove will change to a better one in the end.



Viktor Tamm, 24 years old, architecture

A drama about a boy called Erik who is expelled from school for fighting. He gets the opportunity to go to a boarding school and start a new life without violence. But instead, violence is appearing in a different kind of way which Erik doesn’t want to accept…

It is less about the Swedish tradition but a well done movie which you should definelty see!



Rebecka Palmquist, 21 years old, urban planning

En man som heter Ove
The man called “Ove” has typical Swedish character traits which belong to our culture. Also, the landscapes in the movie are reflecting how other countries and people are seeing our country Sweden. It’s definetly a movie you should watch if you want to learn more about our culture.

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