Erasmus Student Network Meeting In Lund

Erasmus Student Network Meeting In Lund

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Many ESN members of Sweden and other countries showed up in Lund last weekend. Foto: ESN Lund.

ESN Lund is planning trips, parties and other events for everyone. To connect international with local students the organization would like to have more Swedish people to join as members.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is presented in 40 countries and is one of the biggest student associations in Europe.
The last four days, ESN Lund had the honor to host the National Platform of ESN Sweden for the first time. The National Platform is a meeting where all ESN sections come together and exchange information and strategies to make the exchange students have an unforgettable time in Sweden.

In addition, members of countries like Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Denmark and Finland came by for representing their positions in the organization. Even the president of ESN International was giving a presentation about her career and made clear that every member has a chance to grow and that “ESN is filled with opportunities”.

Welcome to Westeros
After the presentations were over, the real work for ESN Lund began: The 43 guests wanted to get entertained.

“We chose the theme ‘Game of Thrones’ because even if you haven’t watched it, you still know what it’s about. With this theme we can organize a dinner in the GoT style and everyone dresses suitable like a member of the great houses of Westeros”, the ESN Communication Manager Caroline Krijnen explains.

In case that not everyone is a fan of Game of Thrones, other events like Salsa and Twerk workshops, quizzes and afterparties were offered to the members during the evenings.

Impressions about Lund
Even if the weather in Lund changed quite often and the sun didn’t show up, the guests liked Lund.

Kayshik Vasanth a free mover from India and he is studying in Växjö right now: “I think Lund is nice and the architecture is impressive. Everyone is travelling by bike and not by car and I prefer that. It’s amazing how many national and international students live in this town and it makes it special.”

When asked why he is volunteering for ESN he replies that the exchange students should have an amazing time and that is what the association stands for and is responsible for.

Kayshik Vasanth, a free mover from India had Fika after a presentation. Foto: Anna Lorenz.

Become a member of ESN
What not many students know about ESN is that even if they are not an Erasmus student, they can become a member and work for the Network.

Manyara Matambanadzo the Public Relations Manager of ESN Lund would like to see more Swedish people being a part of their group in Lund: “It’s often a misunderstanding, but everyone can join ESN. We would like to see more Swedish members in our group because it’s hard to become friends with them or at least become a bit more involved in their society. Everyone can join our trips, events and parties and it’s always so much fun to get in touch with different cultures which you haven’t met before.”

It could always be a nice opportunity to have friends spread all over the world and ESN is a good start to find those friends.

During the weekend, many other educative workshops and presentation were held which help to improve issues like student’s mobility and accessibilities for students with disabilities.

ESN members enjoyed the Game of Thrones theme. Foto: ESN Lund
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