Kalmarspexet – Behind the Scene of Lund’s only English-speaking Spex

Kalmarspexet – Behind the Scene of Lund’s only English-speaking Spex

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Behind the scenes of "Kalmarspexet" Photo: Siqi Zhao.

Spex, a word you definitely heard of since you came to Lund, is an old student tradition at our old university city. It is usually performed in Swedish, and therefore not many international students have really experienced it. But if you ever wondered what a real spex is and wanted to watch one, Kalmarspexet has prepared something for you!

As the only spex in English, Kalmarspexet will be played every day between 8th and 12th April at Kalmar nation (obviously!), a cozy place that fits 70 seats for the audience.

The crew of about 20 people are in the final stage of preparing their main production of this semester for the international community and everyone interested – SALEM. It tells a story of an itchy villager in 17th century Massachusetts, where the witches are believed to be the ones making him itching without a reason. The play wraps in many dimensions of different issues that exist in the society.

James Whitehead from the UK, the forman at Kalmarspexet is involved in the spex for the second time. At the spex, he enjoys being active at the community, which is particularly open to the international students and meeting new people. “I have had the luck to work with dedicated people, everyone has been doing a good job to make this happen”, says James Whitehead.

The spex is created with the passion of the people working in it. Gjendine Voss from Germany, another forman at Kalmarspexet, explains that it is a huge part of her life: “It is a lot of work, but rewarding work”. Being the director of the show at the same time, Gjedine was very excited: “I mean, how often does one gets to direct your own play! It’s the best thing you can do and it’s a huge part of my life”.

Kalmarspexet has been working hard to bring the tradition to the international community at Lund University, and Claire Anderson, working backstage, tells us “I’m really looking forward to seeing everything put together”.


What? The only spex in English you can get in Lund!

When? 8th – 12th April 2017

How to get a ticket? Check Kalmarspexet’s social media page!

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