Residents at Lund Nation Evicted Over the Summer

Residents at Lund Nation Evicted Over the Summer

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On Thursday, shocked residents were notified of their temporary eviction over the summer. The reason is that Lunds Nation will make extensive renovations.

Text: Tindra Englund – Translation: Rebecka McKinnon Forsell

Yesterday evening, around 60 tenants at Lunds Nation received an e-mail with worrying news. Because of renovations, the residents living in “Nya Huset” (The New House) will not have access to their apartments from June 5th to August 17th.
“The question is what to do? Where should I live? It’s not like I planned for this or made up a budget to find a new home and at the same time pay rent here for two and half months,” says a tenant who wishes to remain anonymous.

Attempts to Affect the Residents as Little as Possible
The e-mail states that the nation has scheduled the renovation during the summer so that it will have the least possible effect on the residents. But according to the resident that Lundagård has been in contact with, the residents are very upset, especially those who had planned to stay in Lund during the summer.
“People have planned to work during the summer and some are taking summer courses and then they find out that they do not have a home,” says the resident.

Bolt from the Blue
Even though the residents knew that there were talk of a possible renovation they have, according to Lundagård’s source, been given no warning about it taking place this summer. They have not been given any information about the extent of it or the fact that they will be homeless during this period.
“It really is a bolt from the blue. I am lucky to have parents who can take me in, but what if I didn’t? Would I have ended up on the street?”

Everyone Can Contact Hyresgästföreningen
According to Nan Kinnander, Head of the Legal Entity at Hyresgästföreningen in southern Skåne, it is always difficult to find out what has happened in a certain case without looking at the tenant’s contract with own eyes.
“But generally, one can oppose a reconstruction and in that case, demand an evacuation apartment in the meantime,” says Nan Kinnander.

Her recommendation to the residents is to contact Hyresgästföreningen as soon as possible if they are feeling insecure or confused about the situation.
“In order to give an appropriate answer to the individual tenants, the advice is to contact us. If they are not members, we can give them advice and if they are members, we can with advantage represent them in a possible settlement with Lunds Nation,” says Nan Kinnander, Head of the Legal Entity at Hyresgästföreningen in southern Skåne.
Lundagård has reached out to Paul Pierce, Head of the board of Lunds Nation’s Housing-Site.


The renovations:
• Will proceed between June 5th to August 17th
• All residents at “Nya Huset” will be forced to move out
• “Nya Huset” has four floors with 13 rooms and one apartment in each corridor

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