Studentafton Visited by Pornstar

Studentafton Visited by Pornstar

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Puma Swede at Studentafton Photo: Siri Larsson

On May 3rd, the theme of the debate night called Studentafton was “fuck the Law of Jante” which was visited by the pornstar Puma Swede, or Johanna Jussinniemi as is her real name.

Text: Tindra Englund – Translation: Cecilia Eriksson

Hey there, Louise Oscarsson, supervisor of Studentafton

Why did you choose to invite Puma Swede as your guest?

“The role and vision of Studentafton is to include a wide range of opinions, regardless of where we come from, what religions we practice or what our political views are. Our purpose is to protect our freedom of speech.”

In what way did inviting Puma Swede do this?

“She stands out among other public figures in Sweden and makes a career within an industry not many people have insight to. Therefore, her story is very interesting and up until this point, she hasn’t been given much room.”

“We are very aware that this is a controversial guest, but Studentafton has a history of inviting controversial guests. To uphold our role in Lund, we should, and will, invite people of different opinions and backgrounds to provide a wide range.”

How did you choose the theme “Fuck the Law of Jante”?

“We chose it in agreement with the guest, but we feel it is suitable since Puma Swede chose a path that is not very common in Sweden. Apart from that, it is a path that is often upsetting to many people. Her line of business has caused many debates and evokes a lot of emotions in people.”

Has other pornstars visited Studentafton before?

“In 2004, Cicciolina visited. Albeit, she was an Italian politician and an artist as well as a pornstar.”

 Do you feel Studentafton is endorsing the porn industry by inviting a pornstar to speak?

“No, we do not encourage any type of business or any kind of opinion, the same as when we invite party leaders from political parties in the Swedish Riksdag. We want to remind everyone about the opportunity for anyone to ask questions during 30 minutes at the end.

Puma Swede Photo: Siri Larsson

Puma Swede

  • Swedish porn actress who became a glamour model at 23 and moved to Los Angeles to start working in the porn industry.
  • Has performed in more than 150 movies and is one of today’s most known porn actresses.
  • In 2012, she released her autobiography “Mitt liv som porrstjärna” (‘My Life as a Pornstar’) where she gives an uncensored depiction of her life. In the book, she questions the sexual norms of society by asking questions like “How come a girl cannot have several different partners and an insatiable appetite for casual sex without being viewed as disturbed?” and “Why are female porn actresses automatically viewed as victims?”.
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