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Filip Rydén Posts takes a summer break

Summer is here and most students have handed in their final exams. It is also time for us at Lundagard to kick back and take a break for ...
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Employers Do Not Care About Your Education

The ideal employee in the year 2017 is a critical thinker, a problem solver, a creative and a good writer and speaker, at least according to a new ...
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From Feministic Rage to Madness

Culture Entertainment
Jealousy, murder, and desperation. Lundagård‘s reviewer Tindra Englund think that Lund’s Student Theatre’s (LUST) Medea is an excellent cure for those who have been overdosed with student humour. ...
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Big Challenges Await the Board of Småland Nation Housing

Nations News
Mismanagement, remarks on fire safety and a reporting from their own staff. It has been turbulent around Småland Nation and their housing foundation SNB for a month. Now, ...
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