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Kalmarspexet – Behind the Scene of Lund’s only English-speaking Spex

Student life
Spex, a word you definitely heard of since you came to Lund, is an old student tradition at our old university city. It is usually performed in Swedish, and ...
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What do you eat on the Fat Tuesday? Semlor of course!

News Student life
Have you noticed that the swedes are queuing on the street outside the bakery on an ordinary Tuesday? Are you sure it’s an ordinary Tuesday? It’s the fat one! ...
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Lundakarnevalen 2018 – a magic world waiting for you next spring!

Lundakarnevalen News
Do you know that the next Lundakarnevalen – the biggest student carnival event in Lund – is approaching you? An exclusive report with the newest updates with the ...
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Green Talk: Food Security and Sovereignty

Green Talk: Food Security and Sovereignty
During the Green Talk at Välj Rättvisa Nu, issues concerning urban gardening, Swedish agriculture production and access to food were discussed. ...
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Among Jungle Speed and Monopoly

On a sunny Monday afternoon, in a corner room of a building in Lund, a place that seemed like a secret society was in its prosperity, where the dices were rolling on the table and laugter was in the air. Yes, that it – the Game Nights hosted by the International Desk. ...
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