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“The Motive Transforms”

Nanna de Wilde and Magnus Alexandersson at the exhibition. 
Photo: Carl-Johan Kullving.

In its first exhibition of the Semester, Galleri Pictura looks at two artists who share the same starting point: their immediate surroundings. The artists, Nanna de Wilde and Magnus Alexandersson, have had successful individual exhibitions and now exhibit for the first time together. Having been invited by the student run gallery, they agreed having heard positive things from their friends ...

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Lost in Election

Some of the symbols of the different political parties in Sweden. As you can see, flowers are very popular.

You might have been given flyers on the street, your bike has possibly been attacked by a strange-looking saddle cover or even some party representative might have passed by your door: September 14th is Election Day in Sweden and it’s hard not to notice. But what are these elections really about and what parties can one vote for? Lundagard.net gives ...

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